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Issue Date: February 2004

Intrusion detection systems (IDS)

February 2004

With the growing reliance on e-Commerce, network-based services and the Internet, organisations are faced with an ever-increasing challenge to protect their systems from attacks. IDSs are the latest and most powerful tools used for alerting the analyst to network- and host-based exploits.

Your company has finally decided to implement an IDS. You have listened to vendor after vendor describe their wares in detail and explain why their system will work best in your environment. You have chosen your IDS based on price, support, ease of use and installation. You have tested your new IDS successfully and have now deployed it into the production environment. The question is: what now?
This course will provide delegates with the knowledge of how attackers break into systems and networks, and how an IDS can play a key role in detecting and responding to these events. Using Windows and UNIX-based tools, you will learn to configure, deploy and tune an IDS to determine what exploits are occurring in your organisation.
The programme has been designed to assist delegates to further understand a solid IDS monitoring policy and procedure for your organisation. It is very important for delegates to determine how they are going to monitor their systems, who will monitor them, what will they do when they get an alert and who is going to fix the vulnerability. Additionally, they must determine the level of response that they will enable once an intrusion has been detected.
Attend this event, walk away with the power to:
* Detect and respond to network- and host-based intruder attacks.

* Integrate intrusion detection systems (IDSs) into your current network topology.

* Identify methods hackers use to break into network systems.

* Analyse network traffic and detect attacks using the latest tools and techniques.

* Deploy and manage several IDSs.

* Create an effective response strategy based on your organisational needs.
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