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Issue Date: June 2005

Intrusion detection and prevention security training

June 2005

Intrusion detection and prevention systems can be useful tools for monitoring network security and preventing attacks which could otherwise pass through a firewall. IS Digital Networks has now launched a cost-effective course, allowing companies to monitor and protect their network from both external and internal attacks.

The cost of the course includes a Dell desktop or 1U rackmounted PC delivered with an IDS/IPS system.
An intrusion detection system (IDS) will examine and log traffic to determine malicious intent or inappropriate usage, both from the Internet and from within the company itself.
With an intrusion prevention system (IPS) attacks can be stopped in realtime by an inline device. An IPS system can be a particularly useful element in a web security system, where web traffic passes unmodified through the firewall, but with an IPS, attacks such as SQL injection or directory traversal may be identified and stopped.
Delegates will install and commission the Snort Open Source IDS/IPS system on their own internal network, and be trained in the management, monitoring and support of the system.
On completion of the training, delegates will have a fully working intrusion detection and prevention system. They will be able to comprehensively evaluate the use of an IDS and IPS in a working environment, and have the knowledge to deploy further units in a business or enterprise-wide environment.
The course is suitable for IT managers, information security managers, network or system administrators, and all other professionals directly or indirectly involved with information security.
The course focuses on technical aspects of IT security and delegates will require a relatively high level of technical competence. Therefore it is recommended to have previously participated in the Internet Security Fundamentals course.
Course instructors are internationally based, experienced security testers and designers, who have a thorough knowledge of the security breaches on the Internet through their day-to-day work with testing and supporting organisations with their network security. The duration of the course is three days.
The course training fees include attendance of the course for one to three delegates, all course material and training equipment. The cost of the course also includes a Dell desktop or 1U rackmount PC which will be the delivered IDS/IPS system. The course will be held on the delegate's site.
Two PDF documents are available for download from, which provide an introduction and details of implementation considerations, for IDS/IPS systems.
IS Digital Networks
IS Digital Networks specialises in network security and analysis of network vulnerabilities.
Barry Cribb, MD of IS Digital Networks, has over 25 years of IT, communications and security experience. Originally educated in the UK, he has spent 19 years in South Africa. His consulting experiences have provided a strong business and management background and he has personally managed several large IT installations across a range of systems including: wide area and integrated voice networks, including VOIP; Windows, Novell, Unix and AS/400 platforms.
He has achieved a number of industry certifications including those from Cisco, Novell and Xyplex, and recently spent some time in the UK, where he was professional services director - EMEA and APR for 3Com. Whilst at 3Com he was involved with the design and development of various security products aimed at the UK reseller market for delivery by the professional services group, before returning to South Africa to take up the reins of IS Digital Networks, a company he formed in 1994.
Cribb is familiar with the security issues facing both small businesses and large companies alike and uses this knowledge to help clients understand the business impact of security.
Sha-Izwe Communications (Incorporating Charles Smith & Associates established in 1987) is a BEE company and part of the Constellation Group which operates in 25 countries. Sha-Izwe is the sole representative for The Constellation Group in South Africa. Services cover media relations, graphic design, advertising, investor relations and writing of tender documents and training manuals.
For further information contact Barry Cribb, IS Digital Networks, 011 234 9536,

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