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Issue Date: March 2007

Attachmate adds 64-Bit support to mainframe SOA tool

March 2007
Tony Baer

Attachmate's latest update of its host integrator tool has added support for 64-bit platforms, some ease-of-use enhancements, and support for Linux partitions on the mainframe.

The tool, Verastream Host Integrator 6.5, uses screen scraping approaches similar to NetManage to translate user interactions with green fields into actions that could be automated and exposed through standard web service wrappers.
Verastream itself is middleware that sits between requestor and the host platform, which grabs mainframe content through terminal emulation mode. Until now, it ran only on 32-bit Windows, Linux, or Unix platforms. The new version adds support for 64-bit versions of most of these platforms, plus support of Linux partitions that are on the mainframe itself.
The new version has also added several security features, including support for encrypted SSL communications between client and mainframe. This recognizes the reality that, in a distributed world, requesters of web services might be sitting well outside the four walls of the enterprise, or may be communicating through public networks.
Finally, Verastream 6.5 has made it easier to configure services with a visual front end that lets users click on various fields of a 3270 terminal emulation screen.
Although the company pitched this as a way to get business users to start wrapping services from the mainframe, in reality, you will still need developers to specify configurations such as whether the session state should be maintained or whether this could be a more typical stateless web transaction.
Verastream Host Integrator 6.5 is available now.
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