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Issue Date: June 2007

HP unveils Neoview

June 2007

HP has launched a new data warehousing hardware bundle along with improved business services targeted at the lucrative business intelligence market.

At its Technology@Work conference, held in Berlin, Germany, at the end of April, HP announced solutions and services for the new era of business technology. One of the company's major announcements was its next-generation data warehouse platform as well as new business intelligence (BI) services designed to give businesses better access to data to enable them to make more informed decisions, help customers reduce cost and risk, and accelerate growth.
The new platform and services, according to HP's Neoview CTO, Greg Battas, is core to the company's business information optimisation portfolio. In his announcement, Battas noted that Gartner and other research companies had acknowledged that BI and enterprise data management have been among the top concerns among CIOs for the past few years.
The HP Neoview data warehouse platform is an integrated hardware, software and services platform, and acts as a business outcomes engine, providing customers a comprehensive view of essential business information, such as metrics on product sales, customer trends, or production and operational effectiveness.
Unlike legacy enterprise data warehouses, HP Neoview is designed for a 24x7 environment where decision-making is seamlessly integrated into business operations at multiple levels and across numerous users within the organisation.
Computergram analyses the announcement as follows: "Neoview now makes HP a more strategic software partner for BI and analytics tools firms that had previously viewed the company as a hardware and operating system provider. Expect lots of joint marketing initiatives to target the BI and data warehousing markets that still show high-growth potential."
Already No. 1 in BI server deployments worldwide according to an IDC report, Server Workloads 2005: Understanding the Applications Behind the Deployment, from March 2006, HP also unveiled a foundational set of business intelligence services that enables organisations to solve complex information challenges and reap the rewards of improved decision making, regulatory compliance and competitive advantage.
The services were enhanced by HP's acquisition last year of Knightsbridge Solutions, a US-based consultancy of 700 professionals exclusively focused on BI solutions, and "HP's approach to business intelligence integrates its innovative products and services with robust partner relationships to bring BI capabilities and functionality to a broader set of users across the enterprise," said Ben Barnes, vice president and general manager, Business Intelligence Group, Software, HP. "The Neoview platform is a prime example of how HP provides customers with a more reliable, scalable and accessible choice for capitalising on information."
Ben Barnes, vice president and general manager, Business Intelligence Group
Ben Barnes, vice president and general manager, Business Intelligence Group
Cost-effective business intelligence
The HP Neoview platform is built on industry-standard components for easy implementation into existing IT environments without costly workforce retraining and software relicensing fees. The platform offers robust performance, continuous availability and massive scalability.
Features and benefits include:
* Faster time to benefit. Neoview is configured and tested before delivery, enabling fast integration into existing environments and the ability to load terabytes of data more quickly.

* Better overall value through Neoview's use of industry-standard components, including HP Integrity and ProLiant servers as well as HP StorageWorks storage offerings.

* Unparalleled performance in handling complex queries, mixed workloads and high concurrency.

* 24x7 availability and risk mitigation with no offline windows required.

* Scalability to hundreds of terabytes, making it an ideal platform for data mart consolidation.

* Reduced administrative time and costs through HP remote management and monitoring capabilities.
Value for customers
Customers in diverse markets such as retail, banking, insurance, health and life sciences, communications and energy have realised significant business outcomes since turning to HP for business intelligence solutions. HP has helped these customers consolidate data warehouses from departmental silos, obtain better returns on direct marketing and establish a single version of the truth for business information.
Expanded BI services
HP's business intelligence services professionals possess a blend of technical, business and industry expertise across a variety of market segments. In addition, they hold significant solution experience in risk and compliance, business performance management, and business intelligence for finance, marketing, sales, supply chain operations and IT.
HP Business Intelligence Service offerings include:
* Strategy and planning: helps business and IT leaders develop a vision and master plan - tailored for any stage of BI maturity - to ensure support from stakeholders, effectively manage resources and move organisations from localised to enterprise-wide projects while delivering incremental value.
* Information quality: seeks the root cause of data quality problems and quickly analyses the interdependence of complex data management systems.
* Information integration: provides the framework to integrate data from disparate sources such as legacy applications, operational systems, data warehouses/data marts, external sources and web applications.
* Information delivery: enables improved decision making by ensuring that target users can access the data needed to make better business decisions, faster.
Partners ensure optimised solutions
HP is building on its strong relationships with the major business intelligence software vendors to enhance the capabilities of the HP Neoview platform. Partners already engaged include: Business Objects, Cognos, Informatica, MicroStrategy and SAS. Together, HP and its partners will provide customers additional value through joint solutions, blended teams with specialised expertise in business intelligence, pre-tested/tuned configurations and tight integration with HP technology.
In a Computergram report by Madan Sheina, the online news source reports that BI vendors MicroStrategy and SAS Institute have publicly endorsed Neoview.
Specifically the report states that MicroStrategy 8 is 'fully certified to work with the HP Neoview appliance system'. Moreover, MicroStrategy said its relational OLAP BI platform generates dynamic SQL 'that is specifically tailored for HP Neoview'.
At the same time, SAS reports its Enterprise Intelligence data warehousing and analytics platform is a 'natural fit' for Neoview after announcing its own validation.
In January 2007, HP formed a business unit within HP Software to focus exclusively on business intelligence. The HP Business Intelligence Group is part of a larger company effort to aggregate HP's capabilities across infrastructure, software and services and complements HP Services' investments in business intelligence with the Knightsbridge acquisition.

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