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Issue Date: June 2007

Citrix reduces network wait time by 50 to 99%

June 2007

Citrix NetScaler, WANScaler and Presentation Server provide strong performance improvements and reduce server, network and bandwidth costs.

Citrix Systems has announced the results of a new report based on joint performance testing of Citrix solutions conducted at the SAP Enterprise Services Community Networking Lab. The tests, which measured the impact of products like Citrix NetScaler, Citrix WANScaler and Citrix Presentation Server, SAP Labs found that Citrix application delivery infrastructure can enhance response times for SAP application users by up to 99% while improving the efficiency of existing servers, networks and bandwidth.
Working with SAP, Citrix tested its comprehensive application delivery infrastructure product line against a wide range of SAP applications that are in heavy demand. Performance benefits for common user scenarios ranged from 50 to 99% improvement in end user response time and up to 60% improvement in server CPU utilisation, depending on the specific application and user scenario under test.
The tests demonstrated that Citrix NetScaler and Citrix WANScaler can improve end-user response times for data-intensive transactions by an average of 80 to 95%. When used together, response times were improved by as much as 99%. Citrix Presentation Server showed similar benefits, improving end user response times by 50 to 97% while simplifying application management and reducing data security risks.
SAP's performance baseline for downloading a 5 MB file from SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal was an admirable one second per transaction but in tests with low quality networks, such as a simulated fractional T1 commonly found in branch offices, response times could slow. Citrix was able to restore user performance back to mere seconds, even over that low quality network. Additional tests further demonstrated the benefits of secure application access using Citrix Access Gateway and improved visibility into end user performance with Citrix EdgeSight.
Trends such as user mobility, data centre consolidation and the emergence of web-based technologies have made it increasingly difficult for IT organisations to deliver business applications in a way that lowers cost, reduces risk and increases business ability. At the same time, application end users have increasingly high expectations for the performance, availability and usability of applications that must now compete for network resources with a growing volume of VoIP (voice over IP), e-mail, streaming media, general Internet access and other application traffic. The results of these tests demonstrate that Citrix's application delivery infrastructure can help address any network challenges, while enabling IT administrators to reduce cost and complexity for seamless support.
The Citrix application delivery products tested with SAP applications in this study included the following:
* Citrix NetScaler - an application delivery controller designed to deliver web-based applications with the best performance, security and cost savings. NetScaler optimises web applications with an integrated networking solution that accelerates performance, improves security, and substantially reduces load on servers. Its innovative AppExpert Visual Policy Builder makes it easy for customers to tune policies to match the specific needs of each unique SAP applications environment.
* Citrix Presentation Server - an application delivery controller designed to deliver Windows-based applications with the best performance, security and cost savings. Presentation Server reduces management costs, improves performance and reduces data security risks by letting customers install Windows applications in the datacentre and virtualising or streaming them to end users over the network.
* Citrix WANScaler - a WAN optimisation solution designed to improve the performance of all applications as they are delivered over the wide area network to branch office users.
* Citrix Access Gateway - an SSL VPN solution that provides a secure single secure point of access to all applications and automatically customises access policies based on user scenarios through innovative Citrix SmartAccess technology.
* Citrix EdgeSight - an application performance monitoring solution that ensures applications are meeting business metrics at all times by monitoring performance from the user's perspective.
The testing results additionally concluded that while there are a variety of performance-enhancing solutions for applications available on the market today, Citrix is unique in its exclusive focus on application delivery and in the breadth of solutions it can offer the leading provider of business software solutions, SAP, with optimisation, virtualisation, management and security solutions for delivering the best experience to customers and everyday end users.
A detailed account of the testing environment and results is available in a white paper titled: 'Citrix Shifts Your SAP Solutions into High Gear' and can be downloaded at

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