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Issue Date: June 2007

Murfing the world

June 2007

Mobispine AB, a Swedish company, has released the latest version of its intelligent agent for mobile phones. The company expects to increase the number of users ‘murfing’ (mobile surfing) into millions around the world.

The vast number of news pages and blogs being created and updated every day never stops growing. Mobispine allows users to view Web content on their mobile phone at 20x less cost than the pre-installed phone browser.
To save data-time, this intelligent agent is updated only when the news article or blog changes, and the unique search function ensures a quick, effortless experience when exploring the Web’s sea of information. The service also gives users a ‘you–may-also-like’ experience, with the option to view similar news and blogs to the one being read.
Mobispine is a news service for the mobile phone, which gives users the information they want, and like, from their favourite sources. However, it is much more than an RSS feed browser; the client is also intelligent and therefore capable of learning the users preferences for information.
Users can key in a search word such as ‘Britney’ or ‘Russia’ and see a list of news or blog articles that have recently been updated and include this word. The built-in navigation support is also smart enough to let users see how the information they are interested in, relates to what other Mobispine users like.
“Mobispine is transforming the way people use their mobile phones and taking the consumption of news, blogs and information to a new level,” says Duysant Patel, CEO of Mobispine. “This intelligent agent allows consumers to have instant access to their favourite blogs and data on the go. In our first six months, more than 100 000 users have downloaded our client from 100 countries to join our rapidly expanding community.”
“Mobispine consumes up to 20 times less data traffic compared to simply surfing the Web via your phone’s browser” says Joakim Hilj, CMO. “We aggregate the Web content and information that is being transmitted by RSS feed, to make sure users get fast access and lower phone bills”.
“To start ‘murfing’ (mobile surfing) all users need is a Java-compatible and Internet-enabled phone. Mobispine is free to download, however operators will charge a fee for the data traffic”.

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