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Issue Date: February 2008

NetApp embraces virtualisation

February 2008
Janine Milne

NetApp has launched a barrage of software aimed at helping customers embrace virtualisation.

Key among the arsenal is SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure, which enables customers to automatically back up and recover virtual machines for VMware. All Windows-based SnapManager products are now compatible with VMware, enabling customers to have common data management tools for both virtualised and physical server environments.
By providing customers with products that straddle traditional IT infrastructures and virtualised environments, NetApp hopes to help customers transform their data centres.
"We have brought out a series of products and services that allow us to integrate storage with server virtualisation capabilities," said John Rollason, solutions marketing manager EMEA at NetApp.
He said the benefits of virtualisation are clear. "The savings and advantages of a virtual infrastructure are absolutely huge.
Data centre infrastructure is probably the biggest shift since Y2K and a fundamental re-architecture. If you look at server virtualisation, estimates say that 10% of all servers have been virtualised, so there is still a good 90% still to go at. VMware is obviously dominant in that market."
Other features included an upgrade to its Data ONTAP operating system, which incorporated enhanced de-duplication capabilities, and provisioning manager, which cuts out the manual steps involved in provisioning new applications and deployments.
"In the physical world to deploy a new application, you might need to buy a new server and it could all take a few weeks or months. In the virtual world, you can have a new application up and running in 10-15 minutes," said Rollason.
In a bid to further guide customers towards virtualisation, NetApp has introduced also an assessment and architecture planning service and opened up Kilo Client, a 1500-node server farm that customers and partners can use to test their large-scale deployments and added virtualisation services to guide.
Source: Computergram

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