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Issue Date: April 2008

Edge Channel puts local IP to work

April 2008

Edge Evolve has launched a new channel company, Edge Channel, as a vehicle to take its locally developed software solutions to market. The new company will offer local intellectual property (IP), pricing and customisation potential to resellers as a unique selling point when competing with international products.

The company is taking a three-pronged approach to establishing a profitable channel in South and southern Africa. Firstly, it will offer its products through the consulting channel, offering training, presales and documentation support to these companies.
The second arm of Edge Channel is the traditional installer and system integrator base, where Edge will assist with presales support, proof of concept implementations and collateral. The third arm of the new company will see Edge Channel making its products available under different brand names in OEM partnerships.
Headed by Frances Jordaan, Edge Channel has hit the ground running with software that matches the functionality of similar systems developed internationally, but comes in at a lower price point. "Additionally, since we only distribute local software, developers are always on hand to customise products and create additional functionality almost immediately. Try getting that from a multinational corporation."
Apart from distribution and support, Edge Channel will also assist local developers by producing documentation for the products it sells to aid resellers and their customers in the effective installation and use of the systems. Moreover, the company will also assist in the selling effort by providing resellers with marketing collateral.
"Another value-add Edge Channel will be providing to resellers is training," adds Jordaan. "Not only are we training our reseller base in the use of the product, but we will also be providing sales training and marketing support."
The products initially on offer from Edge Channel will be:
* Project Assist, a project management and tracking tool comprehensively manages the whole process of quotation, project planning and management, time capture and approval procedures, as well as passing the information through to billing.

* Data Assist, a multiplatform business intelligence tool with a reporting information repository.

* Mobile Assist, a bulk SMS application that allows recipients to respond via SMS and for the responses to be easily collected and collated.

* Document Assist, an easy to use document management system that allows companies to keep accurate track of records and avoid panic stations when legally required to produce an archived document.

* Call Centre Assist, an effective system to keep tabs on call centre operations without hindering staff from completing their tasks.
Jordaan adds that as with Edge Evolve itself, she expects many resellers will become customers once they have seen the scope and power of the local applications. "All Edge companies run off these applications because they have been built according to international standards, but designed to local needs. We can compete head-to-head with the best in the market when it comes to functionality and reliability, but our local pricing and support cannot be beaten."

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