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Issue Date: September 2002

  • It is a wonderful wireless world

    Being able to receive and respond to messages regardless of your location, carrying on with collaborative work even as you move around, the fact that you can continue processing when you go into a meeting - all help to boost productivity

    [ September 2002, Networking, ]

  • Inside a network manager's kit

    Modern distributed e-business environments make possible a wide range of IT services to internal users, existing and potential customers, suppliers and partners

    [ September 2002, Networking, ]

  • All for one

    E-commerce allows anyone, anywhere to become part of the real world

    [ September 2002, News + Events, ]

  • Information highway or road to nowhere?

    When cyber-history is finally written the Internet will unequivocally be the catalyst that took the world closer to the brave new information age

    [ September 2002, News + Events, ]

  • A little paranoia

    As new technologies emerge, such as wireless networking and Web services, new methods of combating security losses will be needed

    [ September 2002, Security, ]

  • Unlocking business networks

    The security requirements changed from a very closed and tightly controlled environment of the mainframe, to the empowered environment of the PC with access to the raw data that the user could manipulate in their Word or Excel documents

    [ September 2002, Security, ]

  • Storage SOS: information overload equals storage overload

    Businesses find themselves not only coping with an ever-increasing amount of information on a daily basis - but with a similarly enormous storage requirement for all that information

    [ September 2002, Storage, ]

  • Failing to plan is planning to fail

    IBM has defined as many as 21 different enterprise systems management processes, which should be adhered to in the corporate market sector

    [ September 2002, Software Solutions, ]

  • Ethernet - past, present and future

    There is already talk of the next stage of Ethernet development - 40 Gb Ethernet

    [ September 2002, Networking, ]

  • Article image
    Crossing borders

    The project was completed and delivered on time

    [ September 2002, Networking, ]

  • Is Big Brother a big bother?

    Although this Bill is a serious infringement of privacy rights, the checks and balances built into the Bill would probably pass constitutional scrutiny on the basis that the right to privacy has to be balanced with the duty of the government to protect its citizens

    [ September 2002, Legislation, ]

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