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Issue Date: August 2002

  • Can PBX weather the storm?

    PBXs can easily support VoIP with IP line and trunk cards, IP phones, and PC soft phones

    [ August 2002, Communications, Messaging, ]

  • GPRS: the hype

    In actual tests and experience, GPRS has not quite performed as pundits have predicted

    [ August 2002, Communications, Messaging, ]

  • IPv6

    IPv6 allows 2^128 bits for IP address space, allowing three hundred forty decillion nodes to be uniquely identified on the Internet

    [ August 2002, Communications, Messaging, ]

  • The dominance of DAFS

    DAFS can be viewed as an enabler of SAN-NAS hybrid solutions aimed at delivering the plug-and-play simplicity of NAS installation together with the scalability and high-speed access of SAN or direct-attached arrays

    [ August 2002, Storage, ]

  • NAS vs SAN - the best of both worlds?

    The issue is getting the data stored in the first place and then continuously managing that data quickly and efficiently

    [ August 2002, Storage, ]

  • Designing an effective SAN solution

    A primary benefit of a SAN is unclogging network arteries by moving bulk data transfers off client networks and onto specialised sub-networks, often referred to as the networks behind the servers

    [ August 2002, Storage, ]

  • Article image
    SA leading the way

    Cell-ID provides a practical way to authenticate the identity of users of computer systems for applications

    [ August 2002, Security, ]

  • Intensifying data flow

    Having control over network capacity allows an organisation to better regulate the pace of network expansions and the addition of capacity in the organisation

    [ August 2002, Communications, Messaging, ]

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