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Issue Date: October 2002

  • SSP: Not now, maybe never

    A pure SSP is somebody who exclusively deals with storage service provision

    [ October 2002, Networking, ]

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    Environmental monitoring at the Dimension Data Campus

    "The end result has been very satisfactory, with a healthy combination of practical solutions, the right economics and the best technology."

    [ October 2002, News + Events, ]

  • Storing smart, not hard

    Storage within the average company today has become a full-time job, if one is going to deliver seamless, easily accessible storage to one's users, achieving what we call in the industry 'storage without the wait'

    [ October 2002, Storage, ]

  • Public safety issues

    Your responsibility as a customer of a public shared network provider is to ensure that your business requirements are being met and that your organisation is not exposed to undue risk

    [ October 2002, Security, ]

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    Close the back door, keep the RATs out

    A remote administration tool, or RAT, is a Trojan that when run, provides an attacker with the capability of remotely controlling a machine via a 'client' in the attacker's machine, and a 'server' in the victim's machine

    [ October 2002, Security, ]

  • Wireless goes standard

    Hot spot WLANs represent the next step in wireless network development, which will see them move out of the building and into the public arena

    [ October 2002, Networking, ]

  • Indirect costs affect TCO

    The indirect costs are the hard-to-measure labour and productivity costs associated with end-user operations in a business unit or department and the downtime involved with each PC problem - measured in terms of time, users are not able to perform their assigned tasks and the cos

    [ October 2002, Software Solutions, ]

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