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Issue Date: June 2002

  • The ghost in the machine

    Middleware is defined as independent system software, services, and runtime environments that distributed application programs of all sorts may use to consistently share and re-use system resources across heterogeneous technologies

    [ June 2002, Software Solutions, ]

  • Legal matters

    The objects of the Bill include giving legal certainty to electronic communications and transactions, to develop a safe, secure and effective environment for the consumer and business to conduct and rely on electronic transactions and to afford better protection to the consumer a

    [ June 2002, Legislation, ]

  • 'Want' or 'need'

    The key to successful directory-enabled services is to construct a directory transparent to the user

    [ June 2002, Software Solutions, ]

  • Article image
    The smart badge

    Smart badges can make stronger authentication less intrusive for users and can serve as secure containers for certificates and insure the secrecy of encryption keys

    [ June 2002, Smart Cards, ]

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