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Issue Date: April 2007

Novell announces local availability of Red Hat to SUSE Server training

25 April 2007

Novell South Africa in association with SmartSource (Novell’s locally-appointed training partner) has announced the local release of the ‘Migrating from Red Hat to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10’ training course, aimed at allowing existing Red Hat qualified engineers to expand their skills base and benefit from a deeper understanding of the two solutions’ similarities and differences.
Allison Singh, senior engineering manager at Novell South Africa says on completion of the training, an experienced Linux administrator familiar with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 will be qualified to perform administrative tasks on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 platform. 
“The course also covers topics that are not generally part of the Novell CLP 10 certification. Because of their relevance to migration scenarios however, areas like iSCSI, OCFS, or specific differences in mail or web server configuration are covered in detail,” he says.
Singh adds that the course is an excellent opportunity for experienced Red Hat Linux engineers to learn about the benefits of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, since heterogeneous Linux environments are becoming more common in the market.
“Although the Linux distributions are for all intents and purposes built on the same kernel, the components pieced together around the kernel and more importantly, the tools used to manage different distributions vary. For this reason sound training on all popular distributions of Linux is of massive benefit to Linux engineers and administrators.”
Matthew Costello, managing director of SmartSource says apart from imparting valuable insight into the differences between the two platforms, the course also strongly equips Red Hat engineers to take the Novell CLP 10 Practicum exam in order to become certified as a Novell Certified Linux Professional 10. 
“By expanding their qualifications into the Novell realm, individuals also benefit from the strong ecosystem Novell has created in the local market and can play a valuable role in migrating customers to Linux, an especially relevant need in the market considering cabinet’s recent announcements with regards to open source and Linux commitment,” he says. 
“Interested candidates should keep 2 May 2007 and 20 June 2007 open if they are in Johannesburg or Cape Town respectively. Should they want to book a space in the course, they can contact us on +27 (0)861 216 216 or for further information.

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