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Issue Date: August 2003

FileNet P8 lands in South Africa

1 August 2003

IQ's content management division has released the FileNet P8 product suite, claimed to be the most streamlined enterprise content management (ECM) solution currently available after an $85 million research and development budget. FileNet P8 integrates content, process and connectivity to streamline business processes, speed decision-making, and increase ROI.
"The FileNet P8 architecture is a complete ECM solution that offers enterprise-level scalability and flexibility to handle the most demanding content challenges, the most complex business processes, and integration to all existing systems," says Steven Lauter, business development manager for The IQ Business Group's content management division.
Steven Lauter, business development manager for The IQ Business Group’s content management division
Steven Lauter, business development manager for The IQ Business Group’s content management division
FileNet P8 comprises four suites of pre-packaged technologies and tools that are highly integrated and synchronised:
* Business Process Manager automates, streamlines and customises business processes by managing the flow of work between people and systems. The suite's advanced analytics and simulation capabilities allow optimal workflows to be created based on business activities and their associated costs - before being put into production.
* Content Manager provides organisations with content management and document approval workflow so that they can control, share, manipulate and quickly access any form of content in a secure and highly scalable environment.
* Web Content Manager offers comprehensive content management and integrated process management for Web initiatives.
* Image Manager helps organisations manage paper documents, faxes, e-mail, and rich media and permanently store this content in a highly available environment, providing access to thousands of authorised users.
"The scenario planning aspect of the Business Process Manager is the key to the continual optimisation of all processes. The simulation capabilities are excellent tools for analytics," asserts Lauter.
The Forms Manager, which ties in with the Business Process Manager, provides everything needed to easily design, deploy and process electronic forms (eForms) across the enterprise to speed business decisions.
Active and virtual content
Active objects are able to interact with specific events as they occur in realtime, with the result that you can 'activate' business transactions to invoke the right business rules and the right business processes, enabling you to use your system and human resources when and where they are most effective. Additionally, content can reside in a repository while a metadata search links your system to the right content.
Ease of use
The ECM application development framework and tools are designed to encourage ease of use, rapid application development and lower total cost of ownership. "The unique architecture and out-of-box functionality mean that customised ECM solutions can be quickly and easily developed, increasing overall productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability," says Rob Zimmermann, product specialist and pre-sales manager for The IQ Business Group's content management division.
The framework combines FileNet's content and process management technology with new integration capabilities and innovative solution templates that serve as development foundations for custom applications.
Connecting capabilities
FileNet P8 provides connectivity capabilities that are unprecedented in the ECM industry. This is achieved through the architecture's use of open standards as well as point-to-point and broad integration solutions.
"FileNet P8 connects content and applications and provides the capability to interact with existing applications to update information when they are changed, events occur, or actions are taken. Therefore, content is updated accurately, the number of personnel required for file maintenance is lowered, and the costs involved are minimised," says Zimmerman.
Integration is facilitated through FileNet P8's use of industry standards such as J2EE, XML and SOAP, and technologies such as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Additionally, FileNet P8 integrates with industry-leading enterprise portals such as BEA, Plumtree, mySAP and Siebel.
Speeding-up business decisions
"Businesses make decisions on a daily basis that can have a marked impact on goals, customer satisfaction and profitability. FileNet P8's architecture and tools improve the quality of those decisions by delivering content in realtime and by providing intelligence to route information based on specific content, prior processes and established business logic," says Lauter.
"In the current climate of strict corporate governance, an effective ECM solution can help carry the burden of compliancy and records management. FileNet P8 self-help facilities provides for a better all-round user experience that will optimise your company's content, process and connectivity," concludes Lauter.
For more information contact The IQ Business Group, 011 259 4000.

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