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Issue Date: October 2004

McAfee acquires Foundstone, has plans for SA

1 October 2004

McAfee has announced an agreement to acquire Foundstone, a company specialising in vulnerability management, for $86 million in cash, less various adjustments. Together, the companies will offer organisations and government agencies the market's first comprehensive solution to help protect IT infrastructure and optimise business availability in a dynamic risk environment.
"Chief information security officers need a comprehensive view of where their risks are and business executives need to understand how those risks can translate into business impact. Foundstone enables both," said George Samenuk, chairman and CEO of McAfee. "By combining Foundstone with McAfee's intrusion prevention technology, we will offer proven solutions that deliver the best return on security investment available in managing business risk from attacks."
Foundstone offers a combination of enterprise software, appliances, consulting services, and education to help organisations protect their most important assets from critical threats. The technology prioritises and correlates assets, vulnerabilities, and threats, and supports proactive remediation to protect against critical threats. Foundstone also brings an elite Professional Services organisation that will become part of the McAfee Expert Services team, which will be leveraged for deep security expertise and best practices to help businesses identify and prioritise valued assets and implement established methods to protect them.
Over the course of five years, Foundstone has built a customer base of more than 400 large enterprise customers including AT&T, McKesson, Motorola, and many high profile US government agencies.
According to industry research firm IDC, the vulnerability assessment and management (VA&M) and intrusion detection market is expected to experience increasing growth over the next few years, reaching $1,6 billion by 2008. The most significant growth is expected during the next three years. In its April 2004 report, 'Worldwide Security Software 2004-2008 Forecast', IDC identified Foundstone as a leader that is advancing the concepts of risk management, policy compliance and other trends. Foundstone was also noted as one of the fastest growing VA&M; solution providers at 100%+ growth per year.
"Foundstone allows organisations to focus their resources where they will have the most impact," said George Kurtz, CEO of Foundstone. "When combined with McAfee's intrusion prevention technologies, we will help customers take a risk-based approach to protect their mission-critical assets and minimise business and organisational disruption from security incidents."
New blood for McAfee SA
McAfee South Africa has announced that Chris van Niekerk has been appointed as regional director for Africa.
Speaking to Network Times, Van Niekerk said his goals are to "grow the brand, awareness and market share for McAfee in the whole of Africa, not just South Africa.
"Foundstone will have a significant impact on our offering, especially in the enterprise market. This further builds on our strategy to be more proactive than reactive in the security industry. Foundstone will assist in the risk and vulnerability management of our customers."
The local company will make the full range of McAfee products available, which includes: anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion prevention (host and network-based), anti-spyware, secure content management and desktop firewall products.
As in the past, McAfee will work through its channel, although it will have a direct relationship with the end user to build awareness.

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