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Issue Date: October 2004

Sophos reveals latest Dirty Dozen spam producing countries

1 October 2004

NetXactics, local distributor for Sophos, has released Sophos's latest report into the countries from which most spam messages originate.
Researchers scanned all spam messages received at its global network of honeypots and have revealed the top 12 spam producing countries. The United States remains by far the worst offender, exporting 42,53% of all spam.
The top 12 spam producing countries are as follows:
"Spammers are motivated by watching their bank accounts get fatter and fatter, and many have turned to hacking into innocent third-party computers to send their junk e-mails," said Myroff. "Many of the computers sending out spam are likely to have had their broadband Internet connections exploited by remote hackers. "Zombie computers - PCs which have been compromised by hackers or virus writers - are sending out approximately 40% of the world's spam, all without the apparent knowledge of the user."
For more information contact Brett Myroff, NetXactics, 011 444 4000,

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