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Issue Date: October 2004

Blown fibre for low cost, high speed connections

1 October 2004

Molex Premise Networks has announced the introduction of a 12-fibre singlemode module to extend the range of Laserstream blown fibre products, used to achieve low cost network start-up, flexibility for network growth and re-routing.
The key benefit of blown fibre technology is the level of flexibility it gives to IT managers during both the implementation and upgrading of their fibre infrastructure. The versatility of this solution is such that it can deliver cost benefits as fibre is deployed when required, the need for 'dark' fibres is eliminated, and existing links can be re-routed to new users.
The Laserstream 12-fibre module provides an important addition to the range of options for network operators and IT managers assessing the most practical and cost effective solution to their network build strategy.
Traditionally, blown fibre units of 2 or 4-fibre were available (since the early 1990s), extended to 8-fibre in the late '90s. For network operators looking to connect from a metro ring to a new customer, standard practice has been to install a traditional 12, 24 or a 48-fibre cable. The Laserstream system now allows a 12-fibre module to address this need with a cost effective initial connection and scope to grow. Direct connection from the access networks to internal communications rooms or even direct to the desk is made achievable with this technology.
A new design was necessary to accommodate 12-fibres. The standard design is a 3-layer UV-cured acrylate matrix, with the inner a low modulus layer to prevent micro-bending, a high modulus layer for protection and finally a low friction coating containing microspheres to optimise blowing performance.
Typical breakout times for the 12-fibre module are under one minute and it can be blown a distance of 600 metres in about 20 minutes. These features, and similar performances for the lower fibre count modules, make the installation of blown fibre (or air blown fibre systems as they are known in North America) a rapid means of providing customer connections (residential or business) or within internal networks (building or campus).
The Laserstream system can be installed with standard Molex connectivity, patch panel and cable management products and is supported by the Global 25 ear System Performance, Product and Application Assurance Warranty.
Molex Premise Networks is a leading global supplier of voice and data cabling solutions and systems and is represented in South Africa by DataNet.
For more information contact Datanet, +27 (0)11 990 6000.

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