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Issue Date: October 2004

Frost & Sullivan picks Lenel Systems

1 October 2004

Market and growth consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan, has named Lenel Systems International the recipient of its 2004 Customer Value Enhancement Award, in recognition of Lenel's achievements in the integrated security systems industry.
In selecting Lenel, Frost and Sullivan noted that the company has demonstrated excellent ability to maintain and expand its installed base using innovative, value-creation strategies.
Historically, security systems have been proprietary, hardware-focused and highly specialised in scope. Lenel has transformed the market by creating a solution that brings all the diverse components of the security environment together into a single, seamlessly integrated system, using open architecture design standards and offering centralised administration and management. Lenel's flagship OnGuard Total Security Knowledge Management Solution is a comprehensive suite of applications encompassing facility access control, IP digital video surveillance and management, intrusion detection, alarm monitoring, employee ID management systems, identity/credential management, smartcard applications, integration of a full set of biometric devices, physical asset management, visitor management and integration with third-party systems. This broad range of capabilities widens the market for Lenel and provides ample scope for collaborations with technology leaders. OnGuard is written in Unicode and has been localised into 17 languages to date.
"Lenel has expanded the concepts of open architecture, device interoperability and database management through its OpenAccess Alliance Programme," said Deepak Shetty, program manager in Frost & Sullivan's Auto ID and Security group. "This program provides a technology framework for hardware manufacturers and software application developers to integrate their products into the OnGuard solution.
"Lenel has further extended its market reach through strategic alliances and partnerships with some global technology leaders including IBM, Cisco, UNISYS and NEC," notes Shetty. "Lenel has also built partnerships with vertical market technology companies such as Bioscrypt for biometric solutions and BQT for smartcard offerings."
Lenel's blue chip customer base now exceeds 8000 installations and 25 million users worldwide and the OnGuard solution has been deployed across a wide array of vertical markets, including government, technology, finance, defence, education, healthcare, transportation, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, utilities, manufacturing, communications, aviation, and entertainment, among others.
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