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Issue Date: July 2005

Boost compliance, productivity with Hyperion Applications Suite

1 July 2005

Intellient, local distributor of Hyperion applications, has announced the availability of Hyperion Applications Suite 4, the latest version of Hyperion's business performance management (BPM) suite.
The first major upgrade to the suite since the release of version 3 in 2003, Hyperion Applications Suite 4 addresses barriers to BPM adoption by standardising and integrating all the necessary tools and interfaces, improving the process flow, cutting training costs, reducing IT support needs, and enabling information sharing across the organisation.
"This release highlights Hyperion's commitment to helping organisations deploy the broadest vision of BPM software that includes solutions for planning, budgeting and forecasting; consolidation and reporting; scorecarding; dashboarding; and modelling," says Marc Scheepbouwer, MD of Intellient.
Marc Scheepbouwer, MD of Intellient
Marc Scheepbouwer, MD of Intellient
Hyperion Applications Suite 4 encourages BPM adoption via task-oriented user interfaces, and it enables companies to support sustainable compliance through enhanced process controls and automation, advanced audit trails and document links. The incorporation of Hyperion SmartView provides Microsoft Office functionality, creating a familiar, consistent and intuitive look and feel across the applications.
"Whether a company elects to implement the suite or one application at a time, the common look and feel, common reporting and analysis tools, and single point of maintenance and administration will speed time to productivity, improve compliance and enhance decision-making," Scheepbouwer says.
Hyperion Financial Management 4.0 is a financial consolidation and reporting application that improves an organisation's ability to close its books and report financial results in a timely manner, reduce internal control risks, and confidently meet IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) compliance deadlines.
Hyperion Planning 4.0 offers budgeting, planning and forecasting capabilities that enable organisations to centrally manage and collaborate on every step of the planning process, and communicate targets to all decision-makers via the Internet, intranet or network. Decision-makers can create, own and communicate detailed plans, calculations and assumptions across the business using this application.
"With these applications, organisations are freed of using spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain and that do not provide an audit trail," Scheepbouwer continues. "They also do not need to rely on point solutions that do not scale or address global requirements, ERP-based solutions that are dependent on particular transaction systems, or data warehouses that are not integrated with other BPM processes."
Hyperion Workforce Planning 4.0 addresses the challenges of keeping track of, and planning for, salaries and associated workforce costs in the organisation. It is a total workforce planning solution that allows companies which currently exist on insufficient, disparate spreadsheets or custom applications to plan, monitor and analyse the workforce and associated costs down to the operational level of a business, across all business functions.
The module is integrated into the Hyperion Planning environment so that changes or events from a workforce perspective are immediately reflected in the main financial statements, and their impact immediately visible.
"Workforce-related costs often represent the largest expense item for businesses," Scheepbouwer says. "With today's focus on economic recovery, and outsourcing versus home sourcing, Hyperion's Workforce Planning module produces a packaged solution for aligning corporate strategy, capital and workforce related costs."
Performance Scorecard 4.0 provides rich strategy and accountability mapping functionality, Web-based cascading scorecards, message board forums and discussion threads, and multidimensional analysis capabilities; while Business Modelling 4.0 is a profitability and modelling application that provides activity-based process modelling and costing, and Web-based scenario modelling. It enables organisations to test operational and financial planning assumptions, model processes and activities, determine optimal use of resources, and drive profitability throughout an organisation.
Hyperion Strategic Finance 4.0 is a financial modelling application used for strategic planning, treasury and corporate development analysis. It helps organisations understand the impact of major strategic initiatives and changing economic circumstances on the business performance of their companies. It is a valuable solution to Hyperion customers who have to do asset impairment testing in accordance with IAS 36.
For more information contact Tanya Furniss, Intellient, 011 319 9800,

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