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Issue Date: September 2005

Realtime data replication for Adabas

1 September 2005

Software AG has announced the global availability of Event Replicator for Adabas, enabling organisations to proactively and in realtime 'push' data changes in Adabas out to systems such as Adabas, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase, as well as XML-based devices and applications.
According to Devon Dalbock, sales director of Software AG South Africa, the results include better system resource usage, cost avoidance, improved risk management, enhanced customer service and greater confidence in business decisions based upon continually refreshed information.
"Event Replicator automatically replicates any updates, additions or deletions to specified Adabas datasets, then immediately cascades the changed data fields downstream to targeted systems or devices," Dalbock says. "The data is transformed to the format of each subscribed system so no changes need to be made to the application's infrastructure."
By pushing changes in Adabas data to multiple physical locations, databases or applications, Event Replicator synchronises updated information across a company's IT systems. This capability can be critical to meeting realtime customer service requirements, such as when a major airline ensures that flight crew schedules are continually synchronised with equipment availability in the case of flight delays or cancellations.
Because of its unique method of accessing Adabas data, Event Replicator is able to do realtime replication without sacrificing the performance of the production Adabas system. Universities, for example, are able to protect their online response times for degree audits while ensuring that every student accesses their most up-to-date degree audit reports. By using Software AG's Event Replicator to flag students with pertinent data changes on their records, a university only recreates audits for those students with changes in a background batch job. Most students will then read a pre-processed audit report. If a student with an outstanding change requests his audit, the system recreates his audit in realtime.
"Compared with home-grown or third-party replication approaches, Event Replicator is the fastest and most efficient Adabas replication solution available," Dalbock says. "Customers do not have to sort through a bucket of data to find a thimble-full of relevant information to replicate."
For ease of maintenance, replicated copies of Adabas are remotely administered using familiar Adabas tools. In addition, the entire replication flow is recoverable at any time. Event Replicator for Adabas on the IBM mainframe is currently available, and other versions of Event Replicator are planned for early 2006.

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