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Issue Date: November 2005

IS launches virtual server hosting solution

1 November 2005

Internet Solutions (IS) has announced its Virtual Server Hosting solution using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005. Enabling the concurrent hosting of multiple operating systems on a single physical server, users who need cost effective hosting solutions for small FTP, website or development environments that do not require a dedicated platform will benefit from the solution.
Each virtual server can run its own programs and applications; have its own domain name and IP address; and appear to the user as a dedicated server.
"Up to now users who needed either smaller server space or temporary development servers, would still like a fully managed, redundant, fault-tolerant environment, connected directly to a fast network. Hosting on the IS virtual server will afford clients connectivity and facilities normally associated with dedicated hosting, while leveraging off a syndicated platform to benefit from significant cost savings," says Sean Nourse, manager of IS Hosting Solutions.
IS Virtual Hosting is an economical solution for businesses looking to establish an inexpensive online presence. The main advantage is derived from the cost savings of servers being shared with other customers. Multiple operating systems run concurrently on a single physical server, providing for much more effective use of the underlying hardware. This allows IS to portion a section of the server for a client's dedicated use, as well as offer the same economies of scale commonly found only in larger corporate solutions.
Solution highlights
* Unique IP address.

* Firewall protection.

* Largest on-line business community.

* Fully managed: monitoring, 24x7 support, backups, web statistics, management and Microsoft software rental are some of the value-added services that IS Hosting has to offer.

* Support and hi-tech skills.

* Business continuity features ensure maximum availability.

* Service information integrated into the IS Customer Zone.
For more information contact Kate Michalaro, marketing manager, 011 575 1000.

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