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Issue Date: April 2006

SAPS retains RedSox

1 April 2006

The S.A. Police Services have improved their ability to record telephone conversations. The SAPS has awarded the tender to exclusively supply voice logging equipment to RedSox Telecommunication, for the next two years.
RedSox is 55% owned by Malebo Manyaleti Investments (MMI), a 100% black owned investment organisation with extensive exposure to the telecoms industry.
Malebo Baas, executive chairman of RedSox, says the voice logging solution offered to the SAPS is a victory all round for South African industry and innovation. "The voice logging solution is fully designed and developed by TrueLog in South Africa. What makes this South African product unique in the industry is that, not only is the logging software and front end interface developed locally, but the telephony hardware interfaces are all locally designed, developed and produced as well."
Neill Friedman the managing director of RedSox, explains: "By using locally developed telephony interfaces we can offer the high security associated with recording trunk side, at costs usually associated with the less secure but cost effective extension side recording method. Furthermore, the TrueLog hardware is USB-based, as against the imported products which need to be mounted internally in the servers. This means that expansion and changes can be made dynamically without having to down the product. This has hugely beneficial implications in twenty four hour, mission critical applications such as that required by the SAPS."
Neill Friedman, the managing director of RedSox
Neill Friedman, the managing director of RedSox
A spokesperson for the SAPS says: "The TrueLog solution supplied by RedSox is the perfect fit for the SAPS. A resilient product, designed for mission critical applications, offering duel encryption technology meaning that all recordings are tamper proof and therefore admissible in a court of law. Furthermore, the locally developed hardware makes it cost effective, with the whole bundle being offered by a company which embraces the true spirit of empowerment and entrepreneurial growth."

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