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Issue Date: April 2006

ADT has 100% uptime on Linux

1 April 2006

ADT Security, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fortune 500 company Tyco International, says its Linux-based mail server solution, now running for 18 months, has given excellent reliability over the period and has this far zero viruses detected. The system is managed by Osprey Business Systems.
To date 10 mail servers are running 1000 mailboxes on HP hardware. ADT group IT manager Mike Greer, says a comparable proprietary solution would cost several times more than the current Linux-based solution.
ADT sends about 100 GB of mail each month of which a large proportion go outside of SA. "ADT uses MS Exchange at other locations around the world and Linux interfaces easily with these Exchange servers," says Greer.
"The server solution is cost effective, robust and secure," he says. "While the solution cannot be compared directly to that of Microsoft Exchange, because Exchange has more functionality, the Osprey Managed Linux mail solution offers extended functionality over and above that of a regular Linux-based solution. The installation provides central management of the 10 mail servers spread across seven regions."
Osprey GM Jeremy Diamond says the Linux solution allows users to maintain their Windows-based Microsoft desktops using Microsoft Outlook. Through the use of a connector, users can maintain calendar sharing, global address book views and free/busy calendar times. "In other words, basic Groupware is now available and working in an enterprise-type environment at a fraction of a cost of an Exchange or Lotus Notes implementation," says Greer.
Osprey GM Jeremy Diamond
Osprey GM Jeremy Diamond
"We find Linux stable, works well and is not as susceptible to attacks as are other proprietary offerings. Linux also requires less support and overall the solution has a far lower total cost of ownership when compared to proprietary offerings taking into account maintenance, less skills required and minimal viruses. It is also not as hardware intensive, only requiring entry level servers."
"Security is of prime importance to ADT and we run the supported and commercial version of the Astaro Firewall product that operates on a Linux platform. Our parent in the US performed a vulnerability test and found the South African site one of the most secure sites tested," says Greer.
For more information contact Jeremy Diamond, 011 880 2443,

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