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Issue Date: October 2006

RightFax helps government improve quality of service

1 October 2006

Local black empowered software solutions provider Abnoba has announced that it has partnered with government to supply and implement Captaris RightFax. This announcement is in line with the government's vision of improving the quality of service in the public sector by providing enterprise wide, cost effective and efficient transversal services.
This agreement will enable government to increase employee productivity within its departments by automating fax delivery of user-created documents within SAP. It also intends integrating its multifunctional devices in future. Fax automation will reduce costs by eliminating manual faxing, paper and fax machines and improve customer service by providing secure, confirmed and immediate document delivery. This also eliminates the loss of documents that plague all organisations.
The government has had a positive influence on the role of provincial departments, they are no longer burdened by the day-to-day management of administrative functions. Instead, they gain the freedom to focus on their core service delivery.
The Captaris RightFax-based solution will provide the government with an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage enterprise fax and e-document delivery solution that integrates and automates the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data.
Abnoba CEO Fairoz Jaffer says Abnoba is committed to providing cost efficient, reliable and stable consultative solutions to Government. "Abnoba's proven solutions will help the departments within the government improve processing efficiency, reduce operating costs and enhance customer and partner satisfaction. Furthermore, the government will leverage its existing SAP ERP and LOB investments."
Departments within the government are fast realising the benefits of business process automation which includes reduced data processing cost; increased data integrity; effective use of available data; quick response to requests; immediate access to documents online; reduced paper printing and storage costs; and reduced risk.
"Abnoba provides business solutions that improve productivity and reduce operational costs - ultimately improving profitability. Business process automation simplifies and automates traditional paper processes with new cost effective online methods to deliver increased performance and drive measurable financial cost reductions," he explains.
RightFax seamlessly integrates with desktop, e-mail, CRM, ERP, imaging, OCR (TeleForm), multifunction products, document management and other essential business applications to efficiently and securely send and receive any document from virtually any application within an enterprise via fax, e-mail, print devices or the Internet.
RightFax integrates with a variety of multifunction products to help the government improve efficiency by integrating faxing capabilities with its existing multifunction product infrastructure. It will allow these departments to consolidate all faxing services on the network, giving users convenient access to faxing capabilities on the same devices used daily for printing, scanning and copying.
"RightFax is the ideal solution for organisations that want to further leverage their multifunction products for all their document development, duplication and distribution needs. With RightFax, users gain both easy walk-up access and a central point of control for electronic as well as hard copy faxing. This enables them to streamline workflow processes and save time and money on administrative tasks," Jaffer concludes.

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