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Issue Date: October 2006

CiscoUnified CRM connector improves CRM for SMBs

1 October 2006

Cisco has announced, with the support of Microsoft, that the Cisco Unified CRM Connector 3.0 is now available in 20 different languages. The Cisco Unified CRM Connector 3.0 is a customer relationship management (CRM) application tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. The solution helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) quickly gain access to customer information on inbound and outbound calls, with a view to increasing operational efficiency and providing an improved customer experience.
The Cisco Unified CRM Connector 3.0 provides users with a complete view of the customer, including current and past purchases, sales information, order status, account relationships and billing information. Allowing companies to focus their entire operations on customers, the solution helps SMBs develop customer service excellence by providing all employees with access to caller data quickly and simply. This helps companies build stronger, more profitable relationships with their clients, increase competitiveness and minimise costs as part of long-term IT development.
When a call is received by an SMB using Cisco Unified CallManager or Cisco Unified CallManager Express, the Cisco Unified CRM Connector 3.0 automatically links to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and provides onscreen pop-up windows of the customer contact record and phone call activity so that the service agent can track the call. The same information and capabilities are also accessible remotely, so sales and service personnel in the field can also connect into the network quickly. New customer data or phone call information is uploaded back into the system, so the next interaction with the customer picks up where the last one left off.
Milo Schacher, Cisco vice president for commercial business, global emerging markets, said: “70% of all customer interactions take place over the phone. Companies that fail to establish strong relationships with their customers via this vital means of communication will not be as competitive as they could be.
Historically SMBs have not had access to solutions that provide realtime and in-depth information about their customers. With the Unified CRM Connector 3.0, SMBs can benefit from a smart, simple and reliable solution that should allow them to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and speed up responses to their customers. This development illustrates our ongoing commitment to SMBs."
“The combination of Cisco Unified Communications with Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps companies increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing costs,” said Brad Wilson, general manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Microsoft. “Our collaboration with Cisco allows us to provide a proven and integrated solution that helps businesses build stronger more profitable relationships with their customers.”
The Cisco Unified CRM Connector 3.0 is available for Cisco Unified CallManager Express, Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. The new CRM application is now equipped with auto detect, which identifies which Cisco IP platform is currently being used. A wide range of Cisco Unified IP phones are supported, from the entry-level Cisco Unified IP Phone 7902G to the advanced Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970G.

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