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Issue Date: February 2007

Compuware audits authorised users

1 February 2007

Applications and systems management software purveyor, Compuware, introduced an Application Auditing tool, which captures the activity between authorsed users and mainframe applications in order to mitigate internal security threats.
With Application Auditing, organisations can capture the activity between authorised users and applications. This information provides an audit trail that can be used to investigate details of a security breach and to pinpoint those customers affected, ultimately minimsing the problem, according to the company.
The tool taps into Compuware's Hiperstation automated mainframe testing tool, recording end-user activity even when under production loads. The company claims that customers have used Compuware Hiperstation to record over eight million transactions per day.
"Compuware's solution helps contain the impact of a data breach, lower the cost of regulatory compliance and reduce risk and liability," said Mark Schettenhelm, Compuware product manager. "The quality and quantity of information provided by Compuware Hiperstation has even allowed customers to employ these audit trails as information in legal proceedings."
Source: Computergram

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