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Issue Date: February 2007

Spescom DataVoice announces improved Avaya recording support

15 February 2007

Spescom DataVoice has announced additional enhancements to its recording solutions for Avaya Communication Manager platforms.
Spescom DataVoice is extending its recording solutions to provide industry-leading bulk centralised IP recording for encrypted environments. Avaya IP telephony customers will be able to enjoy and benefit from previously unavailable functionality - bulk centralised recording, support for encrypted communications, network topology independence, CTI recording enhancements and more.  
The company has also designed a recording solution enhancement that will make it significantly more affordable for its customers to license Avaya CTI and to reap the benefits of CTI-enabled Avaya recording.  
François Visagie, product manager, Spescom DataVoice, says that Avaya, the global leader in contact centre and enterprise communication solutions, offers IP telephony systems that provide the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and affordability. "Recording vendor solutions typically include IP packet capturing (sniffing) as the standard means to record IP telephony conversations," says Visagie.  
"Although inherently simple and affordable, it is very difficult to provide CTI benefits with 'sniffing' solutions and they are also at risk of malfunctioning when network reconfiguration takes place. Most tellingly, however, they are unable to record encrypted communications, which is the de facto standard in today's Avaya Communication Manager environments. Although encryption could be disabled, customers rightly do not favour this."
The DataVoice solution has been developed as an integrated suite of software-only products which can be deployed on single or multiple platforms according to the end-user's needs. This suite provides voice and screen recording as well as agent performance management and speech analytics. Moreover, the full benefits of this business solution can be acquired without the need for costly expenditure on additional servers or operating systems.  This is due to the fact that multiple DataVoice applications readily co-exist on the same platform.

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