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Issue Date: February 2007

LANDesk’s next-generation IT service management solution

21 February 2007

New management solutions including LANDesk Management Suite, LANDesk Security Suite, LANDesk Server Manager and LANDesk Handheld and Embedded Device Manager address computer system provisioning, mobile device security and service desk solution integration. LANDesk’s next generation provisioning capabilities are automated, template driven and offer end-to-end task sequencing.
“IT organisations are now equipped to set up new computer systems with the proper operating system and applications,” says Blue Label Technology managing director, Tito Pereira. The automation eliminates the excessive manual oversight required by current provisioning solutions.
In addition, IT organisations are faced with the increasing use of mobile and handheld devices. This poses increased security risk and potential data loss. Pereira states, “To address this issue, LANDesk has increased mobile device security and control capabilities significantly.”
In the event of device loss, IT organisations can now remotely perform a number of functions to secure the information immediately, including:
* Delete contacts and address book data.

* Delete e-mail and attachments.

* Lock down or shut down a device.

* Perform soft or hard memory resets.

* Erase memory cards.
LANDesk has also introduced a universal connector solution. Pereira advises that customers are now able to integrate and leverage the management toolset, inventory and security information from their chosen service desk application console. This integrated connectivity allows customers to connect into any leading service desk solution and demonstrate this value through improved service delivery.

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