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Issue Date: April 2007

Online job hunting on the rise

18 April 2007

Online job seekers are more experienced and older than what is traditionally believed and visitors to online job boards spend more time engaging with the website than other information only sites. This is according to statistics released by South Africa’s leading career Website, CareerJunction.
CareerJunction reports that there has been a 27% increase in the amount of new career seekers registering on CareerJunction, completing their resumes and making their resumes searchable since April 2006. Between April 2006 and March 2007, over 190 000 new career seekers registered on CareerJunction, with around 100 000 of them completing their resumes. And during the month of March 2007, CareerJunction received a record posting of more than 36 000 fresh jobs, over 5,7 million job views and over 630 000 job applications.
"In the past, we had more 'curious' users who visited the website but were wary of loading their details into an online resume. However these days, transacting and interacting on the Internet is the norm, and job seekers are a lot more comfortable with storing their resumes in an online format and applying for jobs online,” says Kris Jarzebowski, CEO of CareerJunction.
The increase in job application activity on CareerJunction corresponds with the surge of traffic to the website, which now receives an average of over 280 000 unique visitors and more than 13 million page impressions per month.
CareerJunction has also noted an increase in the career level and age of online job seekers. “Traditionally, the Internet was seen to be a domain predominantly for the youth and those just entering the job market, however it is interesting to note that only 14% of our career seekers are below the age of 24, 67% are between the ages of 25 and 39 and 15% are over the age of 40. In terms of career level, 55% of career seekers are in a skilled, senior or management level,” emphasises Jarzebowski.
According to the Online Publishers Association (OPA) Nielsen//Netratings figures, CareerJunction is consistently ranked as one of the most visited websites in South Africa and is ranked in the top four websites in terms of the amount of page impressions being generated on the site. CareerJunction is also one of the few websites in South Africa where users spend a lot of time engaging with the website, with an average session duration (the average amount of time a user spends on a site) being over 14 minutes, which is almost double the market average of 7 minutes.
“A careers Website is different to a news or information website in that it engages with users and requires interaction from users. Career seekers search for jobs, create and update their online resumes, apply for suitable positions and track their applications online, therefore the amount of time spent on a careers website is always going to be more than a general news or information site,” explains Jarzebowski.
A benefit of this is that companies wishing to advertise their products or services on CareerJunction are assured of maximum brand exposure as users spend time interacting with the website and managing their careers online.

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