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Issue Date: May 2007

Maximizer unveils CRM Gadgets for Microsoft Windows Vista

1 May 2007

Maximizer Software has announced that it has developed 'CRM Gadgets' for the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.
For those who are not familiar with the term 'gadgets' – Microsoft’s Vista includes the ability for users to customise their own personal sidebar with a series of gadgets or mini-applications that instantly provide access to third party software without leaving the Vista desktop. Perhaps the most common example is the Weather Network gadget that provides weather updates right in the Windows Vista Desktop.
The press announcement unveiled Maximizer’s Address Book CRM Gadget and Opportunity Manager CRM Gadget which reside in the Windows Sidebar. This allows business users to access their day-to-day customer information instantly, without having to open their CRM system.
With embedded Instant Filter capabilities, the Address Book CRM Gadget enables users to quickly search and sort customer records. Once the contact is found, the user can access all of the customer’s records and perform a follow-up action - including calling and e-mailing the customer directly from the CRM Gadget interface.
The Opportunity Manager CRM Gadget provides realtime access to critical sales information in a dashboard format. This enables salespeople and sales managers to continuously monitor their key opportunity and pipeline performance indicators with easy-to-visualise business charts.
Users can also drill down to get more detailed information and explore customer trends directly from the Windows Vista-based desktop.
A quote from Microsoft’s Vista product manager Robert Geller discussing Maximizer’s new CRM Gadgets:
“These Maximizer CRM Gadgets are a great example of how our business partners can easily develop customized mini-applications and deliver enhanced functionality to their customers. With these gadgets, Maximizer has extended its CRM suite to the Windows Vista desktop, delivering enhanced functionality and providing users with a more convenient and efficient way to access to business information.”
Our CRM Gadgets are now in public beta format and will soon be available for general download.

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