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Issue Date: May 2007

Axiz goes for ISO gold

10 May 2007

IT infrastructure distributor, Axiz, is to complete its ISO certification by extending its ISO9001:2000 to the entire organisation as well as adding ISO14001 environmental and ISO18001 operational health and safety certifications.
Keith Anderson, chief operating officer at Axiz, says the ISO certification is not just a process, it is a way of life for Axiz: "As a company we benchmark ourselves against best practise from around the world and achieving the three ISO ratings will ensure that we set high standards for ourselves and continue to excel."
International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is the world's largest developer of standards. ISO standards constitute a widely recognised base used to benchmark that the development, manufacturing and supply of products and services by companies are efficient, safe and clean. Numerous governments use ISO standards as a technical base for health, safety and environmental legislation. These standards also serve to safeguard consumers and users of products and services.
Anderson says the ISO ratings are also in keeping with the company's long-time commitment to the five capitals model of sustainability, which implies that an organisation commits to a sustainable growth of its natural capital (ie resource and services), human capital, social capital, manufactured capital and financial capital.
"There is more than enough evidence supporting a more responsible approach to business. In our view all industries, including IT, should make a concerted effort to ensure a better environment for all. The five capitals model for sustainability ensures that we focus on what matters and as a result has become an integral part of our corporate goals," comments Anderson.
Anderson says that complying with ISO standards is not just about passing an audit once a year: "It is a long term commitment involving the appointment of safety and environmental representatives; chairing weekly status meetings; providing relevant training for each certification representative as well as installing dedicated notice boards sharing tips and communicating important information."
The Axiz approach has far-reaching benefits for the entire community.
Representatives learn new skills and are able to share these with their teams; there is an increased awareness of overall safety and care for the environment, which results in practical changes to improve the working environment for everyone.
Anderson is currently the chairperson for the Information Technology Association (ITA) and pioneered eWaste in South Africa. "Improving our business environment or acting more responsibly is part of the Axiz ethos. The ISO certifications will underpin a philosophy and commitment, which has been present within the company for many years," concludes Anderson.

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