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Issue Date: May 2007

FrontRange Solutions introduces GoldMine Premium

24 May 2007

FrontRange Solutions has announced the availability of GoldMine Premium Edition (PE). The new edition provides a common platform for sales force automation, direct marketing, customer service and CRM, which offers small and mid-size businesses with a cohesive approach to the full customer lifecycle.
GoldMine PE is well suited for existing and new customers who want to add customer service and new workflow, user interface and service and support modules as well as a comprehensive solution for sales automation.
“FrontRange is building on the success of the GoldMine product line with two brand new editions: GoldMine Premium and GoldMine Enterprise,” says Paul Bornhutter, product manager at FrontRange Solutions. “Premium Edition satisfies those who want a fast implementation and the newest capabilities in CRM including sales force automation and customer service and support.”
The new user interface is more efficient and includes links for recently viewed items, improved search capabilities, fields that auto-complete to reduce typing, and tabs and workflow that can be personalised. In addition, GoldMine PE features dynamic sorting and filtering, which allows users to add attributes and criteria to a search by clicking within results, as well as sort by different criteria on-the-fly without re-running a query. Dynamic sorting and filtering is more robust than the flat-list searches common in many CRM solutions, and saves users time and delivers information in an easy-to-use format.
“Premium Edition gives businesses more capability for maximising customer relationships and gleaning business intelligence to better understand customer segments, product success, lifetime value of customers and more,” continues Bornhutter. “Additionally, Premium Edition gives other knowledge workers in the company an easy interface to gain insight on how customers are reacting to and using the products and services offered.”
The release of Premium Edition follows GoldMine Enterprise Edition (EE). GoldMine EE is tested and compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and is a featured product in the Windows Vista launch. Like GoldMine Enterprise Edition, Premium Edition is also compatible with Windows Vista.
For further information contact Charlene Bredenkamp, FrontRange Solutions SA, +27 (0)11 325 5600.

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