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Issue Date: June 2007

DIY business continuity

1 June 2007

South African companies undertaking the task of designing and implementing a business continuity solution that actually works, face a complex task. To assist customers in their business continuity efforts, ContinuitySA has gained the exclusive rights to distribute Revive in South Africa and Botswana.
Revive is a business continuity management toolkit designed to guide users through the process of designing and testing their business continuity plans. Developed by expert, accredited business continuity practitioners, Revive simplifies the process of implementing international best practices and standards.
"The larger the company, the more complex the task of developing a business continuity plan," says Jorgen Nielsen, director of ContinuitySA. "In fact, companies find that trying to manually design and implement an effective business continuity plan at the enterprise level is near impossible.
Jorgen Nielsen, director of ContinuitySA
Jorgen Nielsen, director of ContinuitySA
"Revive takes users through a structured process, from a business impact analysis (BIA) to the development of cost-effective continuity strategies and recovery procedures as well as testing. We sifted through twelve applications that were considered the best in business continuity software and concluded that Revive was the optimal application we could offer. In fact, ContinuitySA is so impressed with Revive that we are using it in-house for our own plans."
Revive is designed to be of use to companies of all sizes and two versions are available. The first runs off an MS Access database and is designed for standalone or network installations with limited concurrent usage. The second runs off the SQL Server database and can scale to large environments and even over wide-area network (WAN) connections.
The application's strengths lie in the fact that it makes use of a scientific resource based approach to business continuity planning. In the BIA phase, for example, Revive helps users determine which activities in the organisation are critical and need a continuity plan.

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