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Issue Date: June 2007

Plug-and-play security solution

7 June 2007

Local data security solutions provider J2 Software has introduced a cost effective plug-and-play security solution with global theft insurance. The T3 SecurityKey prevents unauthorised access to the private data on one's computer or laptop and is Vista ready.
According to J2 Software managing director John Mc Loughlin, even in the extreme case of physical theft, the users’ confidential data is protected. “The T3 SecurityKey acts like an ignition key for one's computer. Without the T3 SecurityKey inserted into any USB port, it is impossible to access the encrypted data on one's machine.”
All sensitive and confidential information is stored in encrypted data vaults that can only be accessed with the T3 SecurityKey, thereby preventing issues like data theft and identity theft. The T3 SecurityKey prevents unauthorised access to ones private data.
Benefits of T3 Security Suite:
BBBBBPrevents unauthorised access to your computer by preventing access to your PC when unattended.
..Effectively prevents confidentiality and privacy breaches by encrypting your confidential personal and business data.
ttAllows you to share your computer whilst maintaining privacy through the set-up of multiple encrypted data vaults.
Provides the unique offering of Global Theft Insurance, underwritten by the world’s fifth largest insurer.
..Prevents identity theft>
The T3 SecurityKey is protected by MSIG, one of the largest insurers in the world, to offer PC and notebook insurance linked to the purchase of a T3 SecurityKey. This offers one 12 month Global Theft insurance, up to a maximum value equal to US $1500,00 (about R10 000,00). The terms and conditions as well as the claims process are straightforward and easy to understand.
For more information contact John McLoughlin, J2 Software,

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