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Issue Date: June 2007

Expand Networks accelerates Oracle applications on WANs by up to 6500%

7 June 2007

Expand Networks, supplier of WAFS and WAAS solutions (application acceleration on remote networks), recently presented its solution to accelerate Oracle applications on WAN networks.
Oracle applications are closely intertwined with Internet technologies and are essential for business and economic development. However, implementation of such technology often requires adjustment of the network infrastructure to ensure sufficient productivity for users.
Expand Networks offers a solution in the WAN optimisation market to accelerate Oracle applications on the network and ensure improved response times and effectiveness for remote users.
To compensate for latency and congestion effects caused by Oracle applications (the login process takes several minutes and consumes a great deal of resources; update of applets generates congestion effects on the network and directly impacts user productivity), Expand Networks has developed an acceleration solution for all Oracle architectures.
Expand uses compression algorithms to reduce the impact of Oracle traffic on the network and accelerate it by more than 500%, with peaks of 6500%. This solution makes it possible to eliminate and consolidate regional servers at company headquarters. Lastly, using level seven quality of service (QoS) rules, Expand Networks’ Compass platform gives priority to Oracle flows over other company applications, thus avoiding queues and blocking.
“Even though Oracle is one of the most widely used application architectures in the world, organisations are regularly confronted with difficulties in terms of improving performance at their remote sites, thus jeopardising server consolidation products,” says Brandon Rochat, sales director: Expand Networks Africa.
“When integrated into Oracle, the Compass platform is a solution to this problem offering organisations more rapid and effective communication and a safe and reliable platform where they can centralise their server resources.”
For more information contact Brandon Rochat, Expand Networks Africa,

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