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Issue Date: June 2007

Citrix talks client consolidation

14 June 2007
Rik Turner

Citrix Systems is moving toward a single client for its various application delivery/remote access products. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based company plans to integrate it SSL VPN and optimisation clients into a single product in future versions, with the client for Presentation Server a likely candidate to follow, according to Kurt Roemer, its chief security strategist.
He said the logical place for an optimisation client to reside, for desktops and laptops not to mention mobile devices like smartphones and PDAs, is in the operating system. "Just like Microsoft does a VPN client within XP, so there should be an optimization client in there too," he said.
Citrix acquired optimisation vendor Orbital in mid-2006, and within a matter of days announced a deal with Microsoft to develop a Windows-based optimisation/acceleration appliance for the branch office. It already has a laptop client for optimisation based on the Orbital technology, and if the relationship with Microsoft prospers, it would not be too much a stretch to imagine it going into future iterations of Microsoft's desktop and laptop OS.
Roemer made the comment about Citrix's plans for a unified client in the context of a conversation about the sheer number of clients enterprises are being asked to deploy on corporate laptops nowadays, be they for VPN, AV, patching, or network access control on the security side, or optimisation/acceleration and connection management for performance.
He said that using any of Citrix's app delivery mechanisms, whether traditional server-based computing, desktop virtualisation, or app streaming, "all the security clients can sit back at the server, which means the endpoint needs only an optimisation client and, if it is coming in over an unwired link, a connection manager."
Source: Computergram

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