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Issue Date: June 2007

Pinnacle announces Tandberg LTO 4 offering

14 June 2007

Pinnacle Micro has also announced this week the availability of a new Tandberg storage offering based on linear tape open (LTO) generation 4, offering new levels of performance, capacity and functionality.
"With 800 GB native capacity, 120 MB/s native transfer rate, data encryption, ADI automation interface and SCSI, SAS or FC host interface, the Tandberg
LTO4 FH is ideal for use in higher end server environments both as a standalone drive and in automation," says JP Fourie, Tandberg product manager.
"As businesses today are challenged by exponential data growth, limited backup windows, regulatory requirements and limited resources, the need for affordable, reliable and secure archiving solutions continues to grow."
The LTO 4 features encryption capabilities that are designed to enable the LTO tape drive hardware-based writing of encrypted data to the LTO Ultrium tape cartridge, helping to protect the storage and transport of sensitive information.
The new drive offers a myriad of features to improve performance, reliability and manageability. Digital speed matching, a 256 MB buffer and dynamic compression improve performance. Diagnostic routines such as the statistical analysis and reporting system assists in isolating failures between media and hardware and adaptive tape threading protects against failures during cartridge loads by verifying tape speed, the tape spinning wheel and modulates the tape thread by providing tension control.
Independent tape loader and threader motors plus positive pin retention ensures that the pin will be retained during a miss-pick. Graceful dynamic braking allows the reel motors to gradually decelerate instead of stopping abruptly during an unexpected power down.
"The LTO 4 generation provides for drives with backwards compatible read-and-write capability with the Ultrium format generation 3 cartridges, and backward read capabilities with Generation 2 cartridges, helping to protect the investment customers have made in LTO technology," says Fourie.

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