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Issue Date: June 2007

Pinnacle announces LTO Ultrium 4 data cartridge

14 June 2007

Pinnacle Micro has announced the local availability of Sony's fourth generation LTO Ultrium 4 data cartridges.
LTO Ultrium 4 format is aimed at supporting the ever increasing storage capacity requirements, holding 800 GB (native) and 1,6 TB (compressed) of data on one cartridge.
Furthermore, says JP Fourie, Sony product manager at Pinnacle Micro, Users do not need to compromise performance with the higher capacity, as LTO Ultrium 4 brings data transfer rates of 120 MB/s (native) and 240 MB/s (compressed).
"With increasing demand for high performance server and mainframe, data cartridge with high recording capacity is required for data backup solutions," he says. "This introduction has been made in response to these market needs and the LTO Ultrium 4 cartridge has effectively doubled the storage capacity previously achieved by LTO Ultrium 3."
Features of the new technology include:
* LTO4 achieves massive storage capacity by increasing recording tracks by utilising a thinner and longer length tape.

* LTO4 is manufactured with a newly developed fine magnetic particles and a higher thermal stability binder. In order to maximise performance, an improved dispersing technology for the finer magnetic particles was introduced.

* LTO4 also adopts a newly developed thin-layer coating technology and a smoother surface coating process. This all for the LTO4 cartridge to have a low error rate and stable output under various operating conditions.

* LTO4 stable magnetic servo signal writing technology and newly-developed high-rigid and high-accuracy cartridge moulding technology, offers the higher reliability required by data backup systems by achieving stable write/ready characteristics.

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