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Issue Date: June 2007

CentraSite Community doubles as quest for 'plug-and-play' interoperability speeds up

21 June 2007

Membership of the global CentraSite Community has doubled to more than 30 best-in-class providers as more and more vendors seek to leverage pre-configuration to deliver 'plug-and-play' interoperability across heterogeneous environments.
Established in 2006 as a joint venture between Software AG and Fujitsu, the CentraSite Community is a collaborative network of independent software vendors and system integrators that work together to ensure their products interoperate. This enhanced collaboration is designed to reduce the cost required for both deploying and sustaining SOA implementations.
Coinciding with the dramatic increase in the size of the Centrasite Community, Software AG and Fujitsu have launched CentraSite 3.1, the latest version of their jointly developed solution for service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance. The integrated registry/repository has been enhanced to deliver greater out-of-the-box support for the third-party tools offered by members of the CentraSite Community.
Through this pre-integration, enterprises can more quickly develop customised solutions while also benefiting from federated management of their heterogeneous environments. With the launch, the two companies have also introduced a series of measures to enhance the CentraSite Community.
Commenting on the launch, SAG South Africa sales manager, Emma Murray, said:
"Globally, Software AG is seeing an increasing demand from enterprise-class customers for individually tailored, more advanced SOA solutions. Therefore, the focus of the CentraSite Community is to provide customers with the ability to easily and rapidly implement diverse SOA solutions tailored to their exact needs.
"Community members pre-integrate their products allowing customers to take a variety of approaches to creating an SOA infrastructure. For example, customers can purchase the specific products and solutions they need, including business rules (iLOG), enterprise architecture solutions (alfabet), web services testing software (Parasoft), and SOA management offerings (AmberPoint), and can be sure all of these products will interoperate through the standards-based CentraSite registry and repository.
"Pre-integration of these solutions eliminates hundreds of hours of frustrating integration work for development teams that place the highest priority on a fast time-to-benefit and a minimum of disruption. CentraSite promises maximum SOA value with greatly reduced risk," he said.
New features of CentraSite 3.1 include:
* Support for federation across multiple registries and repositories, providing a single logical view of metadata across these different stores and maximizing their re-use.

* A pluggable architecture that enables partner products and tools to share a unified framework and user interface.

* An enhanced interface that allows users to customise their environment and search functionality based on their needs and profile.

* Expanded SOA governance capabilities encompassing fully customisable lifecycle support for all SOA assets registered within CentraSite.
For more information contact Emma Murray, Software AG South Africa, +27 (0)11 575 3000,

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