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Issue Date: June 2007

SAS releases JMP 7 statistical discovery software

21 June 2007

Fast, dynamic and totally interactive, JMP7 unlocks meaning in R&D, production and business data.
SAS, the leader in business intelligence, brings data visualisation and analytics to a new level with the launch of JMP 7 statistical discovery software. Dynamic new graphical capabilities, the ability to manage virtually unlimited volumes of data and seamless integration with powerful SAS Analytics highlight a long list of enhancements.
Traditionally used by scientists and engineers, JMP 7 now appeals equally to business users, who can replace static charts with motion-enabled, interactive plots that uncover hidden trends and predict the future. Graphical data querying, an enhanced script editor and project collaboration tools make data discovery more accessible throughout the organisation. JMP 7 integrates completely with SAS to offer a unique, graphical environment for exploring huge amounts of SAS data and developing SAS code on the desktop.
Hundreds of thousands of JMP users worldwide, plus SAS users new to JMP, will be able to delve deep into their data to understand their businesses inside and out. This first release of JMP as a desktop client to the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform enables even users without programming skills to access and explore SAS data interactively. SAS programmers can now generate results as interactive JMP graphs and reports that can be shared throughout the organisation to offer insights that improve decision making.
Bubble plots, 3D scatter plots and other new features let novice and experienced JMP users alike explore data and animate up to seven variables. Graphic data filters select, exclude, hide or otherwise query data to answer 'what if' questions based on any combination of factors.
JMP 7 automatically updates graphs and reports immediately to display query results.
JMP graphs and analyses can be stored with the data, replayed and edited. An easy-to-use new project feature lets users drag data tables, journals, scripts, files and even e-mails into the project to facilitate collaboration. When a colleague opens the project, JMP restores the entire desktop so discovery can be picked up where it was left off.
"JMP 7 brings your data to you in a way that is close, personal and allows direct data manipulation," said Goran Dragosavac, product manager for Analytical Intelligence at SAS SA. "Everything in JMP is active on the surface. Changes happen instantly."
JMP 7 processes up to 2 billion variables and an unlimited number of records to handle any real-world problem. It runs on Macintosh, Linux and Windows systems, including Windows Vista(tm). 64-bit Windows and Linux versions will be available later this year.
Corporate and academic licenses are available for JMP 7 by annual subscription. Single-user licenses, as well as short-term academic licenses for qualified students and faculty, are also available. For more details, visit
For more information contact Michelle Chettoa, SAS, +27 (0)11 713 3400,

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