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Issue Date: June 2007

ASUS to deliver free firmware or hardware upgrades to guarantee 802.11n compatibility

28 June 2007

Since the new 802.11n wireless standard has been ratified by the IEEE board, an uptake in adoption can be expected. In line with this, Asus has announced its 802.11n upgrade guarantee program for its draft-n wireless solutions will be extended by another year to 31 December 2007 due to popular demand – at no cost for hardware or firmware upgrades.
Says Pierre Holtzhausen, Asus networking specialist at distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), “The extension will benefit resellers and end users, allowing them to leverage the advantage of these free firmware and hardware upgrades, ensuring their equipment will work with the 802.11n standard."
The guarantee, provided by Asus, will cover the WL-500W Super Speed N wireless router and the WL-100W Super Speed N wireless adaptor. With countless draft-n products in the market and none willing to guarantee compatibility with the future 802.11n standard, ASUS is the first company to announce an 802.11n free upgrade program (firmware or hardware updates) for its draft-n solutions.
The WL-500W and WL-100W incorporates Broadcom's Intensi-fi technology – which is the company's implementation of the draft-n specification. Wi-Fi products that use Intensi-fi chips are able to provide very high-speed and reliable exchanges of video, voice and music between PCs, networking gear and a variety of consumer electronics. The Intensi-fi technology also offers broad compatibility among various brands of next-generation wireless devices.
How to upgrade?
If any firmware upgrade is required, the latest firmware will be made available on for free downloads.
If hardware upgrades are required, users can return the units to ASUS service centres. The South African service centre has recently moved to the 6th floor, Twin Tower West, Sandton City, Sandton. ASUS is only responsible for the cost of shipping the upgraded products back to users.
WL-500W Super Speed N multifunctional wireless router The ASUS WL-500W Super Speed N multifunctional wireless router adopted the latest 802.11n draft to deliver high-speed data transfer and unparalleled interoperability between n-draft devices. It also incorporates Download Master and USB Pug-n'-Share features for convenient digital content downloads and sharing of printer, webcam and external hard drive functions.
For more information contact Pierre Holtzhausen, Asus Networking Specialist, Drive Control Corporation, +27 (0)11 201 8927,

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