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Issue Date: June 2007

CA Spectrum r8.1 features root-cause analysis capabilities

28 June 2007

CA has announced the release of CA Spectrum Network Fault Manager r8.1, the latest version of its network fault management solution.
CA Spectrum r8.1 integrates network configuration ‘change awareness’, with root-cause analysis capabilities. This new functionality enables IT organisations to uncover both human error and technical issues in a single troubleshooting process — significantly improving service levels and mean-time-to repair.
Human error is one of the most common causes of network failures. Other fault management products, however, cannot automatically correlate these errors with network events. This can make it difficult for network management teams to quickly discover and resolve human errors that lead to service disruptions. CA Spectrum addresses this need by integrating configuration intelligence into its patented root cause analysis.
“By assisting the IT organisations to immediately identify human errors, this release of CA Spectrum provides an important tool to maintain network service levels for the business,” says Dawid Ras, ESM business unit manager at CA.
Ras adds that networks are becoming increasingly complex as businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on networked services.
“CA Spectrum’s fault management capabilities are indispensable for organisations seeking to achieve competitive advantage by optimising the availability and performance of their network infrastructure.”
The new release introduces integration with CA’s application management software, Wily Introscope, to enable network managers to correlate complex application performance problems with the underlying network infrastructure on which these applications depend. It also introduces integration with CA eHealth for Voice, to provide deeper insight into network performance across converged networks.
In addition to the new integrations, Spectrum delivers enhanced integration with eHealth, CA’s network performance management software. This will enable customers to more proactively prevent potential service performance problems by correlating the trend analysis of eHealth with CA Spectrum’s impact analysis engine. Lastly, the new release expands integration with Unicenter Network and Systems Management, CA’s flagship service availability and systems management software, to provide customers with a unified view into the performance and availability of their enterprise network and systems management infrastructure.
CA Spectrum is a core component of the CA Network and Voice Management solution, which provides integrated fault and performance management for multivendor, heterogeneous data, IP telephony and legacy voice networks.
CA Spectrum ensures the availability of critical network services by providing automated fault management across diverse, multitechnology networks. The new release can automatically discover and incorporate into its network topology map more than 800 different network device types. Using advanced discovery, root-cause analysis, and impact analysis, CA Spectrum pinpoints network problems down to the individual port or circuit, supports appropriate prioritisation of technical issues, and automatically recommends remedial actions. Its intuitive reporting also delivers at-a-glance, actionable information on IT assets, network availability, events and alarm conditions, and performance metrics.
CA also has simplified pricing for CA Spectrum by offering three modular product suites — foundation, standard, and premium — enabling customers to invest in the software based on their specific needs, while providing a path for future growth.

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