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Issue Date: June 2007

CA simplifies single sign on

28 June 2007

CA has announced the availability of Application Wizard for CA single sign-on (SSO), a key component of its identity and access management (IAM) solution. The Application Wizard makes it easier for IT administrators to automate single sign-on so that end users can quickly take advantage of fast, convenient access to their applications.
Single sign-on saves time, improves security and reduces help-desk calls by providing access to multiple applications through a single authentication. The Application Wizard complements the existing Tcl scripting language in CA single sign-on, which empowers IT administrators to SSO-enable applications with even the most complex, multistage logins. This combination of wizard- and script-based SSO-enablement makes CA’s IAM solution uniquely suitable for implementing single sign-on in today’s highly diverse enterprise environments.
This latest enhancement further extends the capabilities of CA’s IAM solution, which automates the management of user identities throughout their life cycle to ensure that only properly authorised users can access critical IT resources.
“Customers want to be able to realise the benefits of their IT investments quickly — but they do not want to gain fast time-to-benefit at the expense of long-term value and robust functionality,” said Sam Curry, vice president of security management at CA. “With this latest enhancement to our IAM solution, CA is once again demonstrating our ability to fulfill both our customers’ near- and long-term business objectives.”

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