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Issue Date: June 2007

Xerox invents fluorescent writing to deter counterfeiting

28 June 2007

Xerox has developed a new technology that can print fluorescent words and letters without fluorescent ink, making it easier to place a high level of security on any document, from personal cheques to birth certificates. The ink can be used in any standard printer.
The innovative security printing method uses a special combination of toners. Prints from a four-colour printer selectively expose the fluorescent properties found in white paper, making it possible to embed personalised printing, hidden security marks or codes that are only visible when exposed to ultraviolet light.
The new technology enables users to create fluorescent writing on a digital printer without using fluorescent ink. "This means a four-colour digital printer can print everything it normally would, and it can simultaneously individualise a document with a fluorescent identifier," says Rob Abraham, MD of Bytes Document Solutions, exclusive distributor of Xerox products in 25 sub-Saharan countries.
The new patented technology belongs to a portfolio Xerox is developing that builds security into documents based on a digital printer's ability to make any element on the page, such as lines, text, or images, unique to the recipient.
The fluorescent printing is one of several special imaging technologies Xerox scientists have developed, making it easier for a suspicious recipient to tell which cheques, certificates, or other printed materials are authentic. The special technology is part of the software that Xerox sells to commercial printers and large enterprises like banks and insurance companies that produce personalised documents.
There are no extra costs for special inks and no additional steps required during printing. Users can embed the security feature as a normal part of their printing process.

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