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Issue Date: June 2007

Adobe releases lghtweight reader

28 June 2007
Tony Baer

Mention Adobe Reader, and you will probably think of the PDF document format that has become ubiquitous as an electronic paper format on the web. But Adobe is announcing this week a new, lighter weight alternative meant for light reading, such as consumer-focused e-books, that takes advantage of Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), a cross-platform web runtime that was just released in beta.
Called Adobe Digital Edition, the idea is to provide a display format that lets the reader play with settings, such as size of font, to fit the available screen footprint. The idea is enabling the display to work on mobile devices for which the well-known PDF format could not easily handle.
It is also much lighter weight than the Adobe Reader (formerly known as Adobe Acrobat Reader), consisting of a 3 MB download.
The document file sizes are 50-60% smaller, Digital Edition stores data as XML (so does PDF), but omits the bitmapping that makes PDF files vivid but bulky.
Thanks to support of the Flash runtime, you can play with screen controls such as clicking the mouse on a graph, dragging it to different coordinates, which could change the display.
However, Digital Edition is not at all meant to replace the regular PDF format, as it is not intended for highly formatted pages, and does not support any of the interactive features that some implementations of PDF have.
Source: Computergram

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