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Issue Date: June 2007

Workgroup announces PlateSpin PowerConvert 6.6

30 June 2007

In a move to provide new workload protection capabilities for the growing number of PlateSpin customers, Workgroup has announced the local availability of PowerConvert 6.6.
"This solution enables customers to manage and move workloads at will across a variety of virtual and physical infrastructures in the data centres," says Grant Mufford, PlateSpin product manager at Workgroup.
PowerConvert 6.6 provides a wide range of workload protection alternatives in a single product for maximum flexibility at the lowest cost. Using PowerConvert, customers can choose any combination of the following to protect workloads in the data centre: flexible image backup and restore, consolidated recovery using virtual infrastructure or whole server physical workload replication.
In addition to file-based replication, PowerConvert 6.6 now includes high-speed block-level replication, making it ideal for real-world, enterprise-scale workload protection scenarios and multisite disaster recovery implementations.
"The addition of block-level replication enables enterprise customers to protect larger databases and stateful applications, such as mail servers, where the continuity of transactional information, configuration settings and data must be maintained," says Mufford.
"When used in combination with PowerRecon 3, PlateSpin's advanced workload profiling, analysis and planning solution, customers can effectively choose the best protection strategy for each workload in the data centre based on a thorough time-based workload profile and real-time resource utilisation centre."
For more information contact Grant Mufford, Workgroup, +27 (0)11 654 6113,

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