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Issue Date: June 2007

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One launched

30 June 2007

Oracle has announced the general availability of Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One (Oracle Business Intelligence SE One), an integrated business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing system that is packaged, pre-configured, and priced to meet the needs of small to medium-sized organisations and workgroups.
Oracle Business Intelligence SE One, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, features all of the core BI capabilities small to medium-sized organisations need including interactive dashboards, formatted reporting, ad hoc query and analysis, extract, transform and load (ETL) technology, as well as the world’s leading database, in a single, easy to install package. Running on a single server, Oracle Business Intelligence SE One is available for deployments of five to 50 users at $1000 per user.
“Oracle Business Intelligence SE One is the only end-to-end BI and data warehousing solution that is based on category-leading technology for every component, offering a complete and compelling solution at an attractive price,” said Paul Rodwick, Oracle vice president Business Intelligence. “The software offers small to medium sized organisations a proper infrastructure that will serve their immediate BI needs, yet easily scale and grow with their needs over time.”
“BI is not just for large organisations,” said Dan Vesset, vice president of Business Analytics Research at IDC. “In recent years, BI has grown across industries and organisations regardless of the size of the industry or business. Small and medium sized organisations are turning to BI to gain efficiencies in selling to and servicing their customers, managing their financial performance, optimising their supply chains, and identifying opportunities for growth. Oracle Business Intelligence SE One offers a comprehensive package of products and tools at a reasonable price.”
Enterprise-Class Oracle Business Intelligence SE One Offers Customers Growth Path Oracle Business Intelligence SE One offers customers the right BI foundation to deliver complete, relevant, and timely information for better decision-making across the organisation. Built on enterprise-class software – Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (EE) and Oracle Database – Oracle Business Intelligence SE One offers customers breadth and flexibility in addressing their BI needs, from simple operational reporting to a fully featured role-based dashboard, analysis, and data warehousing system.
Oracle enables emerging enterprises and organisations to upgrade to enterprise versions of the BI and database software to support increased BI functionality and larger numbers of BI users without the need to re-implement analytic content.
Oracle Business Intelligence SE One was developed with business user self-sufficiency in mind; featuring business user interfaces that do not require coding, SQL or other technical skills. Report layout and design is conducted with everyday tools like Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat; new interactive dashboards are built through a simple, drag-and-drop Web interface; and new ad hoc analyses are built by pointing and clicking on items from a simplified, logical business model of the data. These ease-of-use capabilities enable greater business value and reduced reliance on IT for reporting and analysis needs.
The following products are integrated and comprise Oracle Business Intelligence SE One:
* Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher – enables organisations to produce a wide array of documents and reports such as financial statements, high-fidelity reports, invoices, labels, and more, using a variety of familiar applications for layout such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word.
* Oracle Business Intelligence Answers – ad hoc reporting and analysis tool that enables end users to quickly build, analyse, visualise, drill and embed reports into dashboards.
* Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards – provides a personalised, live, interactive Web dashboard of key trends, alerts, key performance indicators (KPIs), including visualisations such as gauges, charts, summary reports, and condition-based guided analytics.
* Oracle Business Intelligence Server – unified infrastructure that supports all the Oracle Business Intelligence SE One end user tools, the Oracle Business Intelligence Server delivers high performance data access, integration, and calculations across Oracle and non-Oracle sources, and presents end users a single, logical view of business data.
* Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition One is included to serve as the foundation of a robust data warehouse, allowing customers to take advantage of the proven manageability, performance, reliability, and security for which Oracle Database is renowned.
* Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g – a leading extract, transform and load (ETL) tool, it provides data quality, data auditing, fully integrated relational and dimensional modelling and full life cycle management of data and metadata to help organisations construct and maintain an efficient, high quality data warehouse.

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