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Issue Date: June 2007

Workgroup announces licensed version WinZip 11

30 June 2007

Local distribution company, Workgroup, has announced the local availability of WinZip 11.1, now part of Corel's product portfolio, stressing the importance of user licensing of the update.
WinZip 11.1 is an updated version of WinZip 11.0. It has been Vista certified, incorporating a Vista-style toolbar and program icons, Vista Explorer style user interface and support for 64-bit Windows Vista and XP as well as 32-bit Windows Vista, XP and 2000.
"WinZip 11.0 includes features that build on the solid foundation established with previous WinZip versions," says Kevin George, Corel product manager at Workgroup. "Users can opt for Standard or Pro features with both offering a range of compression enhancements."
The new 'best compression option allows users to let WinZip decide the best compression method for each file based on the file type. This ensures that users maximise the compression of each file added to the Zip file. WinZip 11.0 also allows users to better zip .wav music files without compromising the integrity of the file or its sound quality.
"Most network administrators know that WinZip helps users maximise disk space and send e-mails faster," says George. "These are important benefits, but WinZip has so much more to offer.
"It allows users to view all files at a glance and drill down quickly. Users can automate repetitive tasks and can also now zip directly to CDs or DVDs."
He says that although WinZip has many users, not all of them understand that this is a product that should be licensed. "Workgroup offers great pricing on the WinZip software," he says. "We also offer a maintenance plan that helps ensure that organisations always have the most current version and represents only 18% of the regular cost of the license.
"This plan allows organisations to upgrade to all new releases of WinZip, within the maintenance period, at no additional costs. Users will receive priority e-mail technical support, can add additional copies of WinZip at their current pre-seat pricing and hold the right to extend the maintenance period for a modest renewal fee."

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