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Issue Date: June 2007

JBoss stabilises portal offering

30 June 2007
Tony Baer

Claiming its first full industrial-strength release, Red Hat's JBoss has announced general availability of version 2.6 of its portal offering. Most of the improvements in the new release are focused on ease of use.
For instance, a user can now navigate around content that is organised into hierarchies, rather than the flat lists shown in previous versions. That should make it easier for end users to pick which pieces of content to populate their portals. In turn, JBoss adds its own jBPM capabilities so you can, within JBoss Portal, specify content management approval workflows.
JBoss has also added the ability to drag and drop portlets to different web pages, instead of having to keystroke or navigate through menus. Related enhancements include user-created user interfaces, personalised dashboards and more granular controlled access at the portlet level.
Additionally, JBoss has added pre-built LDAP integration, which in turn enables a new capability to group classes of users by role. Supported servers include Red Hat Directory Server, OpenDS, and OpenLDAP. Before, you would have had to run the links to an LDAP directly by hand, and you could not categorise levels of access by role.
The release also includes previews of new Ajax development capabilities for the richer Web 2.0-style front ends, courtesy of RichFaces visual components, and JSF for Ajax, which provides a way for generating Ajax web pages from JSF. Both came as part of the technology agreement with Exadel announced back in March.
Our view
By adding these capabilities, JBoss is playing catch-up to more mature rivals as it seeks to round out its mid-tier technology stack. Although JBoss Portal may not have all the capabilities of rivals, JBoss has always competed on the fact that, as open source, it is cheaper than rivals. The significance of this release is that JBoss is claiming that, for the first time, it believes its portal has become competitive.
Source: Computergram

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