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Issue Date: July 2007

IBM releases new Informix Dynamic Server

1 July 2007

IBM has unveiled Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) 11 - code-named 'Cheetah', - a next-generation data server which brings mainframe-like continuous availability and disaster recovery capabilities to global data centres. The new IDS 11 is tuned to deliver a combination of increased performance, reliability and scalability, along with the ability to handle massive volumes of complex data at very high speeds - essential capabilities in today's demanding, time-sensitive information management environments.
IDS 11 also enables customers to enhance information management for their cluster server environments using technology borrowed from IBM's mainframe systems. As a result, IBM claims IDS 11 is the first data server in the industry to provide clustered data centres with continuous data availability and disaster recovery regardless of the geographic location or distance between backup data centre sites.
"IDS 11 will offer our customers a combination of lower cost, better performance, near hands free administration and greater reliability," said Zoaib Hoosen, SWG Executive. "The new global availability feature is unmatched and will allow IDS to expand its presence in the data centre."
IDS 11 will provide higher performance and lower total cost of ownership to customers and solutions that require little or no database administration (DBA) support to manage a multitude of remote data server locations, such as retail stores, hotels, banking branches, hospitals, etc.
The IDS 11 also benefits smaller companies and organisations that rely upon uninterrupted information access, but do not have large IT staffs to manage numerous data server instances. For example, online gaming provider, Worldwinner, is looking to IDS 11 to support its Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) games - from managing the games and tracking information about players, to authenticating their identification and billing information - in realtime.
"IDS 11 will improve our service availability and performance by offering us new growth paths, increasing our data replication options, eliminating blocked checkpoints, eliminating the potential for operator error on new index builds, and simplifying administrative tasks," said Joe Bai, CIO of online game provider WorldWinner. "Continuous availability gives us the ability to seamlessly grow our database server capacity in a highly cost-effective manner and in whatever increments we desire."
The impact of IDS 11 will extend far beyond the gaming market to other real-world situations that affect end-users. For example, the US 911 emergency call network relies upon IDS and every single VISA credit authorisation in the US is processed through IDS in realtime. These customers benefit from the near-zero response time IDS offers and will further benefit from the IDS 11's ability to provide highest availability and disaster recovery capability in the industry.
To help customers in all industries accelerate time-to-value for new applications and in porting existing applications, IDS 11 features significant enhancements to application development and provides extended support for service oriented architecture (SOA) application development collaboration and integration. IDS 11 also includes enhanced support for hierarchical data structures, built-in flexible text searches unstructured documents and enhanced support for datatypes support for distributed queries across multiple data server instances.
Cheetah will be available to the SA market in August.
Additional features in IDS 11 include:
* GUI-based IDS Admin for remote administration.

* Web Feature Service API for location services.

* Built-in functions for XML publishing.

* New and updated DataBlades.

* Customisable server footprint.
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